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320 Series Engines

EngineCompression RatioHPRPMTBOHeight(In)Width(In)Length(Ln)Dry WT (Lbs)Remarks
O-320-A7.00:11502,7002,00022.9932.2429.05-29.81271-279Conical Mounts
O-320-B8.50:11602,7002,00019.22-22.9932.2429.56-31.28277-283Conical Mounts
O-320-D8.50:11602,7002,00022.9932.2429.05-31.82278-286Dynafocal Mounts Type 1
O-320-E7.00:11502,7002,00022.9932.2429.05-30.70268-278Dynafocal Mounts Type 1
O-320-H9.00:11602,7002,00024.4632.6632.26283Dynafocal Mounts Type 1
IO-320-A7.00:11502,7002,00019.2232.2433.59280Dynafocal Mounts Type 2
L/IO-320-B8.50:11602,7002,00019.2232.2433.59285-287Dynafocal Mounts Type 2
L/IO-320-C8.50:11602,7001,80019.2232.2433.59294Dynafocal Mounts Type 2
IO-320-D8.50:11602,7002,00023.1832.2430.7291Dynafocal Mounts Type 1
IO-320-E7.00:11502,7002,00023.1832.2429.56285Conical Mounts
IO-320-F8.50:11602,7002,00019.2232.2433.59299Dynafocal Mounts Type 1

Engine Labeling Legend:        LIO (1) - 320 (2)
1 Prefixes:
2 Cylinder Cubic Inch Displacement: Engine Mount Configurations: 
AE-Aerobatic (wet sump) 
H-Horizontal Helicopter 
I-Fuel Injected 
L-Left Hand Rotation Crankshaft 
O-Opposed Cylinders 
Number of Cylinders:


Cubic Inch Displacement:
235, 320. 360
540, 580

Conical - Straight mounts parallel to crankshaft. 
Dynafocal - Mounts set at a specified angle to the
crankshaft with Type 1 (30") and Type 2 (18"). 
Bed - Bed mounting available on select engine models. 

This current production model data is provided for engine selection, and is subject to change without notice.  The Lycoming Sales Department should be contacted prior to starting detailed installation layouts. Engine weights may vary according to specific engine model configuration.
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