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Non-Certified Engines

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Lycoming non-certified engines include OEM experimental engines, sold exclusively through kit aircraft manufacturers; our 233 LSA Series Engines, designed for Light Sport Aircraft; and Thunderbolt engines, custom built to order in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Non-certified engines from Lycoming power the world’s aerobatic champions, top air racers, and proud homebuilders.

OEM Non-Certified Engines

Factory new non-certified engines for experimental aircraft builders

Your new kit aircraft should be 100% new -- including a tough new Lycoming engine with 100% of its TBO ahead of it and backed by a full factory warranty. The world’s leading kit manufacturers work closely with Lycoming to design their aircraft around Lycoming engines. Thousands of Van’s Aircraft RVs flying worldwide under Lycoming power exemplify this ideal matching of aircraft to engine.

"The reputation of my designs runs from spinner to rudder. I don't compromise with 'second-best' components. That's why all RV cowlings and engine mounts are designed to fit only Lycoming engines." --Dick VanGrunsven, President of Van's Aircraft

Buy brand new non-certified experimental Lycoming engines, matched to the aircraft, directly through the kit manufacturer.


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Thunderbolt Engines

Lycoming’s brand of high performance, built-to-order power plants

Built in Lycoming’s Advanced Technology Center, Thunderbolt engines involve you as part of the design and build team. Your non-certified engine is your dream and your investment. With Thunderbolt engines, you get a genuine Lycoming factory engineered engine, custom factory built, factory tested and supported – with your choice of fuel systems, ignition systems, and performance enhancements. These may include component balancing, cylinder flow matching, increased compression, tuned induction, and turbocharging. It will look as beautiful as it performs, with finishing options including triple-plated chrome details and custom colors.

Product offerings include customized engines ranging from the rugged O/IO-233 to the legendary IO-720.

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