Technical Publications

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Many types of technical publications provide support documentation to help maintain your engine. Lycoming issues Service Bulletins, Service Letters, Service Instructions and offers complete Maintenance Libraries. The most frequently used or latest issued publications are posted on our site; you can purchase our entire Maintenance Libraries in hardcopy, digital, and CD format. Use the links below to learn more.

Service Bulletins  describe procedures that must be observed for safety reasons. They are readily identifiable by the Mandatory Service Bulletin heading printed in red.

Service Letters are issued to explain service policies and to introduce new or revised products and processes approved for Lycoming engines.

Service Instructions describe modifications, processes and other information pertinent to the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of Lycoming engines.

Maintenance Libraries  Lycoming offers sets of publications, with available subscription and revision service in both hard copy and electronic form. The complete Maintenance Libraries include Overhaul Manuals, Operator's Manuals, Illustrated Parts Catalogs, Bulletin/Letter/Instruction sets, and various additional and special publications. For a listing of complete or specific publication sets, and ordering procedures, see Lycoming Service Letter L114, "Reciprocating Engine and Accessories Maintenance Publications" .

Troubleshooting  Lycoming's Engine Troubleshooting Guide provides a chart that may be useful as a diagnostic guide to some common and recurring problems, causes, and solutions. Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 43, provides specific regulations regarding maintenance, repairs, and alterations and persons authorized to perform maintenance, repairs and alterations. Anyone not properly certified and not possessing the ability must not attempt to perform any service or maintenance, including any procedures listed in the Troubleshooting Guide.

Tech Tips Lycoming Tech Tip’s articles and information is based upon content from service bulletins, service instruction and service letters. In addition, other articles are taken from actual field test data conducted by Lycoming. Furthermore, the Lycoming factory is a central collecting agency on its aircraft in the field. We collect, record and analyze information gathered from worldwide use and share our findings through Lycoming Tech Tips.