Service Instruction No. 1279 C

Oil Sump Baffle Replacement

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Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1279B

May 8, 2012 

  • IO­540­AA1A5, ­AA1B5, ­AE1A5, ­E1A5, ­E1B5, ­K1A5, ­K1B5, ­K1D5, ­K1E5, ­K1F5, ­K1G5, ­K1H5, ­K1J5, ­K1K5, ­K1A5D, ­K1G5D, ­K1J5D, ­L1C5, ­M1A5, ­M1C5, ­M1B5D, ­S1A5 
  • TIO­540­A2B, ­A2C, ­AE2A, ­AH1A, ­F2BD, ­J2B, ­J2BD, ­S1AD, ­U2A 
  • LTIO­540­F2BD, ­J2B, ­J2BD, ­U2A 
  • IO­580­B1A 

Whenever oil sump baffle replacement is necessary or at owner's discretion 

This Service Instruction includes three replacement options that apply to two different oil sump baffles on  affected Lycoming engine models: 

  • To replace the oil sump baffle that is attached to the crankcase with oil sump baffle P/N 56G23399, refer to Part I of this Service Instruction.
  • To replace the oil sump baffle that is installed on bosses in the oil sump and induction housing P/N  56A26070, refer to Part II of this Service Instruction.
  • To replace the oil sump which has the oil sump baffle attached to the crankcase with the new all­in­ one six­boss oil sump and induction housing assembly P/N 56A26070 that will come with the oil  sump baffle P/N 56G26069 already installed, refer to Part III of this Service Instruction.

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