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Thunderbolt Engines are Lycoming's brand of high performance, built-to-order power plants for Experimental aircraft. With Thunderbolt Engines, customers get a genuine Lycoming engine that is factory built, factory tested and factory supported - with your choice of fuel systems, ignition systems, performance enhancements and finishing options.

  • Balanced crankshafts
  • Connecting rods, pistons & pins all within 1/2 gram
  • Handcrafted, high-performance piston engines
  • Customized to match personal style and taste
  • Available in three series for varying degrees of performance

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Please note that this engine is a simulated model representing the engine series you selected. The actual color and configuration of your engine may vary from this model.


Engine Options

Traditional Ignition System Options: Slick (1L-Imp r R-STD), Retard Mag Substitute for Impulse Mag, 2nd Impulse Mag Instead of Plain, Delete One Side of Ignition System, Delete Entire Ignition System

Electro Magneto Options: E-mag


Included Automatic Thunderbolt Upgrades: Roller Tappet System (Most Models), Crankshaft Dynamic Balancing, Precision Static Balancing (Pistons and Rods to 1/2 Gram), Port and Polish/ Volumetric Cylinder Matching, Chrome Rocker Box Covers


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