Lycoming and the CAFUC Celebrate Milestone

Lycoming and the Civil Aviation University of China celebrate the 1,000th Engine Delivery and 2,000th Overhauled Engine

News 04.26.21

On April 26, 2021, Lycoming delivered its 1,000th engine to the Civil Aviation University of China (CAFUC). Mr. Li Yongjun, the Vice President of CAFUC, made the opening speech for the event, followed by Rocky Zhang, Director of Government Affairs for Textron China. Local CAAC officials were also in attendance. 

Mike Shih, the Vice President of Textron Aviation, and with Mr. Yongjun, unveiled the “1,000th Lycoming-powered aircraft” – a Cessna 172S. Jason Liu then presented CAFUC with Lycoming’s prestigious “1,000th Engine Delivery Piston” and “2,000 Engine Overhauled Piston” Awards to Mr. Chen, the Plant Manager of CAFUC’s overhaul facility. CAFUC is the largest Lycoming-powered aircraft fleet globally.

CAFUC currently has around 380 Lycoming-powered aircrafts within their school. CAFUC has been a loyal partner, dating back to 1997 when they completed their first Lycoming engine overhaul. Since their first overhaul, CAFUC has consistently overhauled roughly 150 engines per year.

Present-day, China has around 4,000 general aviation aircrafts in operation; meaning Lycoming powers roughly 25% of the China GA market share. Lycoming was honored to present our “Piston Awards” to Mr. Chen, in front of a large audience composed of the top flying schools in China.

Following the Civil Aviation University, CAFUC’s senior instructors hosted Lycoming’s 2021 National Training Seminar. Lycoming Engines is proud of our international partnership with CAFUC, we look forward to continuing to provide the power behind general aviation in China.

CAFUC Award Ceremony Engine Unveiling
Award presentation by Lycoming Engines representative Jason Liu
CAFUC ceremony