Whether you are buying a new or factory rebuilt engine or genuine Lycoming parts, your purchase is protected by our warranty programs. Lycoming's limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship as defined in the corresponding warranty terms and conditions for new or rebuilt engines, overhauled engines, and replacement parts. View the appropriate warranty for specific information.

Types of Warranties

New and Rebuilt Engine Limited Warranty

Each new or rebuilt engine is protected under normal use for a specified period, with an additional limited warranty for parts on highly utilized engines or engines purchased through the Lycoming Loyalty Program.

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New Non-Certified Engine Limited Warranty

This new engine limited warranty replaces or repairs parts as determined defective by Lycoming within a given period, which may include reimbursement for labor charges associated with warranty related issues under the proration policy.

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Overhauled Engine Limited Warranty

For overhauled engines including high utilized engines and Lycoming Loyalty program engines, this limited warranty states Lycoming's obligation to replace or repair parts for a specified period as determined defective by Lycoming.

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Replacement Parts Limited Warranty

Reciprocating aircraft engine replacement parts are warranted against defect in material and workmanship for a specified period, or Lycoming replaces or repairs parts if determined defective by Lycoming during the warranty period.

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How to File a Claim

In the event of a possible warranty occurrence for engines or parts within warranty:

  • Contact an Authorized Lycoming Distributor to order the warranty replacement part(s).
    • Should you need troubleshooting assistance before any warranty activity, please contact Lycoming Technical Support Department for technical support before ordering warranty replacement part(s) or filing a warranty claim.
  • Return the removed part(s) to Lycoming Engines using the same Authorized Lycoming Distributor that ordered the warranty replacement part(s) and filed a claim.
    • The Authorized Lycoming Distributor will return the part(s) and warranty claim to Lycoming for processing. Please do not return the part(s) directly to Lycoming unless otherwise instructed by Lycoming’s Technical Support Department, Warranty Administration or other authorized Lycoming representative. 
  • The claim and part(s) will be evaluated by Lycoming upon receipt and will be processed in accordance with Lycoming's latest service publications and warranty conditions.
  • Upon approval of the warranty claim, reimbursement will be issued through the same Authorized Lycoming Distributor that processed your claim.   

NOTE: Dual Magnetos and Fuel Control Components, e.g. Carburetors Fuel Servos, Fuel Flow Dividers/Manifolds, have separate warranty provisions and are to be repaired by the suppliers' authorized service centers in accordance with their respective Service Publications.

These types of components are to be repaired at the appropriate authorized service centers. Upon repair, claims for the R&I labor for the component and associated standard freight charges should be submitted through an authorized Lycoming distributor for review and reimbursement. If an invoice was issued by the authorized service center for the repair, Lycoming will require a copy of the invoice and the reason for the invoice for review.  If the invoice was generated since the part is outside of the suppliers’ warranty period but inside of the Lycoming warranty period and would otherwise be deemed a warranty occurrence, the claim will be considered. However, if the repair was required based on operation-induced issues, the claim will be denied, regardless of the engine or part still being within the warranty period.

How long is my engine under warranty?
  • New and rebuilt certified engines are warranted for 24-months or the recommended engine time between overhauls, whichever comes first. Find your engine's recommended TBO in Lycoming Service Instruction 1009.
  • New non-certified engines are warranted for 24 months from the date of the first operation or 2200 hours, whichever occurs first.
  • Overhauled engines are warranted for 12-months or the recommended engine time between overhauls, whichever comes first. Find your engine's recommended TBO in Lycoming Service Instruction 1009.
How long are my parts under warranty?

Lycoming warrants replacement parts for 12-months and cylinder kits for 24-months.

When does my warranty start?

For most engines, the warranty period begins on either the first date of operation or 24 months from the engine or part shipment date from Lycoming, whichever comes first. The warranty is valid for registered and non-registered engines.

What actions will void my warranty?

Lycoming warranties parts and engines through normal use and service. Warranty voids if an engine or part has been repaired or altered outside Lycoming's factory in any way that would affect its durability, safety or reliability. Lycoming does not warrant repairs or alterations that use or incorporate parts and components other than genuine Lycoming parts or parts approved by Lycoming.

Will Lycoming’s technical support department help me if my Lycoming product is out of warranty?

Absolutely! Our technical support team is here to help all Lycoming engine owners. While we will not be able to provide warranty support when you call, we are happy to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be facing.

How do I register my warranty?

You can register your owner information by clicking here.

Who should I contact when I need warranty support for my engine or parts?

For replacement parts or to file warranty claims, please contact any Lycoming Authorized Distributor. If you require technical product support, please contact our product support team.

Who is the closest distributor to me?

We have distributors worldwide. Find a Distributor

What does my warranty cover?

Lycoming warranties cover any potential defects in materials or workmanship. The type of component or part determines the period that these warranties are valid.

What does Lycoming allow me to claim for warranty reimbursement?

Within the warranty period, Lycoming may reimburse the purchaser for (a) parts; (b) labor; and (c) freight associated with warranty related issues. A prorated engine replacement may be considered as determined by Lycoming. Lycoming will reimburse for labor based on the terms outlined in our Labor Allowance Guidebook. Please see applicable warranty terms for full details.

How long do I have to file a warranty claim?

A claim for warranty must be reported in writing to an Authorized Lycoming Distributor within 30 days of any suspected defect in material or workmanship.

Who should I contact for updates on my warranty claim?

Please contact the Authorized Lycoming Distributor that accepted your warranty claim with all inquiries and updates.