Exceeding the standard in general aviation
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iE2 Engine
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The flagship of our innovation, equipped with state-of-the-art aviation electronics and sensors for a modern flying experience.
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Thunderbolt Engine
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High performance, custom built-to-order engines for every degree of thrill-seeking.
Specializing beyond traditional aviation

Manufacturing the only FAA-certified piston helicopter engines to power all certified piston-powered helicopter applications built today.


The only FAA-certified manufacturer of certified aerobatic piston engines that top pilots, performers, and formation teams trust for precision, speed, and reliability.


Using our proven aviation propulsion experience to power mission focused aircraft with increased system reliability.

With a reputation for meeting or exceeding TBO, it is no secret that Lycoming Engines are the power of choice for general aviation aircraft. Lycoming produces a complete line of four-, six-, and eight-cylinder piston engines boasting up to 400 horsepower.
Discover why pilots turn to Lycoming for piston engines and support.
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