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Rebuilt Engines

Get an absolute zero-time engine from the Lycoming factory; only the original engine manufacturer can rebuild your engine to meet the exact, new engine specifications that a rebuilt engine requires. Our rebuilt engines are built on the same assembly line as new and overhauled engines, following the same quality processes and manufacturing standards.

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Overhauled Engines

The company who built your engine knows it best. Lycoming tests overhauled engines to Lycoming’s standards, not just the minimum accepted values. Fly with confidence knowing we built your engine to Lycoming's reliability standards.

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Product Support Network

We are here to help. As a Lycoming customer, you have access to our worldwide team of authorized distributors and service centers. The Lycoming team helps you stay up-to-date on industry insights, and provides information about how to care for your engine.

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Advanced Technology

Send your engine to our advanced facilities to undergo advanced testing or receive metallurgical analysis to diagnose your engine. Our flight simulators ensure a high degree of flight readiness are used to serve customers worldwide.

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Lycoming’s Loyalty Program

Whether you are upgrading to a new, rebuilt, or overhauled engine, it pays to be a Lycoming customer. With Lycoming’s Loyalty Program, you can order your factory engine and keep flying until it’s delivered, giving you less downtime and more airtime.

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In Service Instruction 1009, Lycoming recently announced the extension of TBOs by 200 hours for a significant number of Lycoming Factory New, Rebuilt and Overhauled engine models. In some cases, 400-hour TBO extensions can be approved.

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iE2 Portal

Lycoming’s iE2 Software enables anyone in the field to interface with the engine.

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