Lycoming Engines Attends AERO Friedrichshafen 2018

News 04.22.18

This year, Lycoming Engines attended AERO Friedrichshafen 2018. Customers and fans visited Lycoming Engines' booth during the four-day show to view Lycoming engines, learn the latest Lycoming news, and meet the Lycoming team. 

Lycoming Engines Forum Michael Kraft, Lycoming Engines Senior Vice President and General Manager, presented a forum titled, “Lycoming’s iE2 Applied." Mr. Kraft discussed what the most advanced piston powerplant means for the Tecnam P2012 Traveller and other modern aircraft.

Lycoming Approved Fuels for Additional Engine Models Through Service Instruction 1070 Revision Z Lycoming has taken a leadership role in bringing unleaded fuel options to the general aviation industry. Service Instruction 1070 identifies approved fuels for Lycoming spark-ignited gasoline aircraft engines. With the release of Service Instruction 1070 Z, Lycoming added several models of aerobatic engines to the list of engines approved for UL 91 unleaded avgas. In addition, DEF-STAN 91-090 100LL and DEF-STAN 91-090 UL 91 categories have been added to help fuel producers and customers identify approved fuels for their Lycoming engines. “The types of fuels available for aircraft varies around the globe. Lycoming remains committed to offering fuels flexibility for our customers and supporting the existing installed base. As the availability of unleaded fuels expands, Lycoming is keeping pace with the approvals necessary to utilize unleaded avgas on our engines,” said Michael Kraft, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lycoming Engines.

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