Service Bulletin No. 547

Connecting Rod Bearing Replacement on TIO-540-AE2A Model Engines


DATE: March 7, 2001


I. Any Textron Lycoming model TIO-540-AE2A engine listed on ATTACHMENT I that has not complied with the connecting rod bearing replacement requirement of Special Advisory No. 59-800.

II. Except if replaced in compliance with Special Advisory No. 59-800, any TIO-540- AE2A engine known to have had connecting rod bearings field replaced after August 25, 1995.


At earliest possible opportunity, but no later than October 1, 2001.

Textron Lycoming issued Special Advisory No. 59-800 on August 31, 2000. There had been two instances of connecting rod bearing failures on relatively low time TIO-540-AE2A engines. The failure could result in a disintegration of the bearing due to delamination of the bearing surface. Lycoming found no apparent operational or dimensional cause for the reported occurrences; however, in an effort to minimize any chance of an additional occurrence, Lycoming instituted a mandatory replacement program to equip the subject engines with new connecting rod bearings (P/N 18M22676) with increased durability. The program was initiated on October 2, 2000. Special details concerning this program were forwarded to TIO-540-AE2A owners.

Supplement No. 1 to Service Bulletin No. 547

For more information on Connecting Rod Bearing Replacement, refer to Supplement No. 1 to Service Bulletin No. 547.