Service Bulletin No. 590 A

Use of Aircraft Boost Pump with Kelly Aerospace 200F Series Fuel Pumps


November 13, 2009


The Kelly Aerospace 200F series fuel pump models listed below that were manufactured with serial numbers LAN001FP through MFN011FP (manufacture date between January 1, 2008 and June 25, 2009) and which have accumulated ten hours or less time in service.


Affected 200F series fuel pump must be replaced before further flight. If the replacement cannot be accomplished on site, a ferry permit may be required to relocate the aircraft to a suitable facility for removal and replacement. Do not fly the aircraft unless an operational electrical boost pump is installed.

A condition may exist in the 200F series fuel pump where the tolerances of the bearing and housing bore vary outside of acceptable limits. This results in a condition wherein the shaft running clearance is reduced and may potentially cause failure of the shaft and bearing assembly in a relatively short period of less than ten hours from when the fuel pump is first placed in to service. Failure of the drive shaft will permanently disable the fuel pump.


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