Service Bulletin No. 603 

Reprint of Slick Service Bulletin SB1­-12

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DATE: October 4, 2012 


All Lycoming  engines in Table 1 (in the attached bulletin) equipped with Slick 4200/6200 or 4300/6300 series Impulse and Direct Drive magnetos.


As required by Slick SB1­-12.

This Service Bulletin is notification of required action for mandatory compliance with Slick Service Bulletin No. SB1­12 dated 9/6/2012, regarding Lycoming engine models (Table 1) with Slick 4200/6200 or 4300/6300 Series Impulse and Direct Drive Magnetos (Serial Numbers between 11110001 thru 12030902 identified in Slick Service Bulletin SB1­12) and Slick M3081 Point Kits (dated 11/1/2011  through  3/22/2012) approved for use on Lycoming engines.


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