Service Bulletin No. 604 

Compliance with Hartzell Engine Technologies, LLC Alert Service Bulletin No. 048 dated 11/16/2012, Turbocharger model TAO411, P/N 410188-0019 Turbine Wheel Replacement

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DATE: November 21, 2012 


New, rebuilt, or overhauled  Lycoming  TIO­540­AK1A  engine  models in Table 1 Lycoming engine models field­overhauled or repaired with model TAO411, P/N 410188­019 turbocharger turbine wheel.


Before further flight.

This Service Bulletin is notification for mandatory compliance with HET’s Alert Service Bulletin No. 048 dated 11/16/2012, Turbocharger HET model TAO411, P/N 410188­0019 Turbine Wheel Replacement.

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