Service Bulletin No. 613 

Compliance  with Hartzell Engine  Technologies (HET), LLC (Previously  Kelly Aerospace) Alert Service Bulletin No. 057 dated 2/11/14, Turbocharger  Back Plate Assembly P/N 406795­0058 Replacement 


DATE: March 6, 2014 


New, rebuilt, or overhauled Lycoming engine models and spares identified in Tables 1 and 2 in the attached bulletin.

Lycoming  turbocharger  P/N’s LW­12463, LW­13987, and LW­18470 fieldoverhauled or repaired with back plate (HET) P/N 406795­0058 (Refer to the  latest revision of (HET) Alert Service Bulletin No. 057.)


Refer to the “Compliance” section of HET Alert Service Bulletin No. 057.

This Service Bulletin is notification for mandatory compliance with HET’s Alert Service Bulletin No. 057 dated 2/11/2014, Turbocharger ­ Back Plate Assembly P/N 406795­0058 Replacement.

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