Service Instruction No. 1187 J

Turbocharger Density Controller Adjustment

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Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1187H

DATE: May 23, 1997


TIO-540-A1A, -A1B, -A2A, -A2B, -A2C, -C1A, -F2BD, -J2B, -J2BD, -N2BD, -AA1AD, -AB1AD, -AF1A, -AF1B, -AG1A; LTIO-540-F2BD, -J2B, -J2BD, -N2BD.


On newly installed engines; before aircraft is flown. Also recommended at 100 hour inspection or at owner's discretion.

Although engines are thoroughly tested after manufacture, it is impossible to duplicate the individual installation characteristics an engine will encounter in the aircraft; consequently, the density controller, which governs the turbocharging, must be adjusted after the engine is installed and before the aircraft is flown.

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