Service Instruction No. 1241 C

Pre-Oiling Engine Prior to Initial Start

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Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1241B

DATE: April 18, 1997


All Textron Lycoming engines.


Prior to initial start after engine change, overhaul, oil cooler replacement or draining or any prolonged period of inactivity.

To avoid possible high speed bearing failure resulting from lack of lubrication during initial starts all aircraft engines should be pre-oiled prior to first start. Engines need not be pre-oiled after an oil change or whenever the oil lines have been disconnected. However, on dry sump engines after an oil change or whenever the oil lines have been disconnected it will be necessary to disconnect the oil inlet connection at the oil pump and drain a sufficient amount of oil from the tank to be certain there are no obstructions or air in the inlet line to the oil pump.

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