Service Instruction No. 1285 F

Non-Destructive Testing of Lycoming Engine Parts

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Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1285D and Supplement No. 1 to Service Instruction No. 1285D

July 18, 2017


All Lycoming engines


During engine overhaul or as required


Revised NOTICE on page 2 regarding grit blast medium

This Service Instruction includes a directive advising not to use visible dye in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) because it can adversely affect future results of NDT. This Service Instruction also identifies the necessary personnel qualifications and inspection procedure requirements for NDT to be done on Lycoming engine components. The purpose of the NDT is to identify the presence or potential of structural failures in an engine component. Non-destructive testing within the context of this Service Instruction includes Magnetic Particle Inspection and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection.

Advanced Technology

Lycoming Engines maintains one of the world's most complete piston engine test facilities to support flight test initiatives from aircraft manufacturers, fuel companies, and engine owners. Our advanced technology center can simulate nearly all aspects of flight to ensure a high degree of flight readiness while also dramatically reducing flight testing costs.

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