Service Instruction No. 1341

Oil Pump Idler Shaft Lubrication


DATE: July 30, 1976


O-235; O-290; O, IO, AIO, AEIO, LIO-320 series; O, IO, AIO, AEIO, HIO, LIO-360 series; O-540 series except dual magneto models identified by “D” as 5th character in model designation; IO, AEIO-540 series except IO-540- E1A5, -K1B5, -K1E5, -P1A5, -S1A5 using large volume oil pump and dual magneto models.


At next overhaul.

Positive lubrication for the oil pump impeller idler shaft can be obtained by drilling the accessory housing to provide an oil passage to the idler shaft bore. This hole connects the cavity on the pressure side of the oil pump pad to the idler shaft bore.

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