Service Instruction No. 1435

Conversion from Constant Speed to Fixed Pitch Propeller and Vice Versa; Propeller Governor Oil Line Nut and Elbow


DATE: April 25, 1986


Avco Lycoming Direct Drive Engines.


At next overhaul or earlier at owner's discretion.

A change from constant speed to fixed pitch and vice versa dictates a change in model designation. Replacement nameplates are only issued if the original nameplate is lost. Refer to the latest edition of Service Instruction No. 1304. Engines may be changed from constant speed to fixed pitch installations or vice versa if the serial number on the nameplate is stamped with a letter "C" to denote a model conversion and a copy of FAA Form 337 listing all parts used with part numbers included, and a description of the conversion or alteration are accomplished.

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