Service Instruction No. 1436 A

Adapter Kit for Magneto Isolation Drive


Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1436

September 29, 2010 


O­360­A3A Engine 


At Owner’s discretion 

In some instances it has been found that operators of the O­360­A3A engine, with certain propellers, have  experienced vibration in the right magneto. As a product improvement, a modification kit, P/N LW­15436, is available to the field. Installation of this kit provides a more maintenance­free magneto drive system by  isolating the vibratory forces that possibly could be transmitted by the driving components. Refer to Table 1  for a list of updated part numbers in the P/N LW­15436, Kit­Magneto Drive­Right which applies to both  Teledyne Bendix magnetos and Champion Slick Magnetos.

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