Service Instruction No. 1453 B

Procedure to Replace Oil Filter Converter Plate Gasket


Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1453A

September 24, 2010


All Lycoming dual magneto engines and TIO-541-E and TIGO-541 series engines.


At engine overhaul when converter plate is removed or when the oil filter is removed between overhauls.

This Service Instruction is to be followed to replace either just the gasket P/N LW-13388 with a new gasket P/N 06B23072 or to install an oil filter converter plate kit P/N 54E23093 (supersedes Kit P/N 54E23073 which is no longer available). The kit P/N 54E23093 contains a new oil filter converter plate P/N 54E23092 which includes the new converter plate gasket P/N 06B23072.

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