Service Instruction No. 1458 G

Connecting Rod Bolts

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Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1458F and Obsoletes Service Instruction Nos. 1106D, 1311A, and 1318

November 10, 2015


All supported Lycoming reciprocating aircraft engines


Whenever new connecting rods and/or new connecting rod bolts are being installed


Clarified connecting rod bolt selection and installation instructions, added new Figure 1, revised part numbers in Table 1, and added information from obsolete Service Instructions

This Service Instruction identifies currently available connecting rod assemblies, the applicable connecting rod bolt part numbers (P/Ns), specific requirements, and installation instructions for the various connecting rod bolts. Table 1 includes connecting rod bolt P/N LW-12596 which can be used as either a stretch bolt or torque bolt (indicated by the green or blue shading). Table 2 includes connecting rod assemblies no longer available from Lycoming Engines.

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