Service Instruction No. 1481 B

Factory Engine Preservation


Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1481A

February 8, 2008


All Lycoming reciprocating aircraft engines stored in Lycoming Engine packaging and not in active or stored aircraft.


Not applicable.

New, rebuilt, and overhauled engines purchased from Lycoming are preserved for either 60 or 180 days. The date of preservation is the date printed on the sticker on the outside corner of the engine box with the gross weight; or it may be written on the top of the box following a “Preservation Date” stamp. This preservation is intended to protect the engine from corrosion for the specified time interval. It is not intended to protect the engine indefinitely. Corrosion is warrantable only during the specified preservation period. If at the end of the specified preservation period the owner elects to keep an engine in storage, the following steps are recommended, but do not extend corrosion warranty.

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