Service Instruction No. 1510 A

Adapter Kit for Magneto Isolation Drive


Supersedes Service Instruction No. 1510

April 22, 2004


Lycoming AEIO-360-B1F aircraft engines installed in Grob G115E aircraft and AEIO-360-B1B aircraft engines installed in Grob G115EG.


At owner’s discretion.

It has been found that some operators of the AEIO-360-B1B, -B1F engines with lightweight propellers have experienced higher than typical levels of torsional vibration above 2500 RPM in the magnetos. As a product improvement, a modification kit is available to the field. This kit adds magneto drive adapter assembly (P/N 68N23130) to isolate the vibratory forces that possibly could be transmitted from the propeller. Longer studs are provided to accommodate the installation. This kit also includes replacements for existing expendable parts.

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