Service Instruction No. 1522

Reprint of Precision Service Information Letter No. SIL RS-62 Revision 2

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DATE: November 19, 2008


All Lycoming new, overhauled, rebuilt, or repaired (L)IO, AIO, HIO, IGO, IVO, (L)TIO, AEIO series engine with either a Precision Airmotive RSA- 5AB1, RSA-5AD1, RSA-10AD1, RSA-10ED1, RSA-10ED2, RSA-10DB1 or RSA-10DB2 series fuel injection servo.


Same as required for Precision Airmotive Service Information Letter No. SIL RS-62, Revision 2.

This reprint is current at the time Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1522 is issued. However, when complying with this Service Instruction, insure that compliance is in accordance with the latest revision of Precision Service Information Letter No. SIL RS-62

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