Service Instruction No. 1524

Alternator Bracket Kit for 130A Alternators


DATE: February 23, 2009


All Lycoming new, overhauled, rebuilt, or repaired IO-360-A1B6, -B1G6, -C1E6, -C1G6, O-360-A1G6, and TIO-360-C1A6D engines.


At the next maintenance event or at annual inspection, whichever occurs first.

Lycoming has determined that a crack may develop in the crankcase near the alternator attaching bracket on any of the above listed engine models utilizing a 130A alternator assembly and only a single alternator attaching bracket. See Figure 1 for the illustrative example. If the existing bracket is drilled for a .375 in. diameter bolt instead of a .4375 in. diameter bolt, contact Lycoming Engines for a replacement bracket.

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