Service Letter No. 261 A

Alternate Carburetor


Supersedes Service Letter No. L261

To All Owners and Operators of Helicopteres Guimbal Cabri G2 with the following carburetors:

  • Lycoming part number (P/N) 61B26215 (AVStar P/N AV10-6110)
  • Lycoming P/N 61B26215-L (AVStar P/N AV10-6110)
  • Lycoming P/N 61B28159 (AVStar P/N AV10-6500)

Added alternate carburetor part number

In support of a request from Helicopteres Guimbal, there is an alternative carburetor for the Lycoming O-360-J2A engine installed in the Helicopteres Guimbal Cabri G2. The alternate carburetor is Lycoming P/N 61B28525 (AVStar P/N AV10-6500-1). The alternate carburetor, which can be obtained through any authorized Lycoming distributor, is leaner than carburetor P/N 61B26215 and richer than carburetor P/N 61B28159.

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