Supplement No. 4 to Service Bulletin No. 554

Crankshaft Gear Retaining Bolt Replacement

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DATE: April 2, 2003

The AMOC (see attached) accepts the following Lycoming kits for compliance with AD #2002-23-06:

  • 05K23325 – TIO/LTIO-540-J2B
  • 05K23326 – TIO-540-A2B, -A2C 05K23327 – TIO-540-AJ1A
  • 05K23335 – TIO-540-AE2A
  • 05K23336 – TIO-540-AH1A

Check the engine logbook. If the logbook states that Service Bulletin No. 554 was complied with at Lycoming, then an improved cadmium-plated crankshaft gear bolt has been installed and is not affected by AD #2002-23-06.

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