Aerobatic Pilot Mike Goulian Visits Lycoming

News 09.12.19
Mike Goulian, one of America’s most decorated aerobatic and racing pilots and a Lycoming-sponsored pilot, visited the plant in September while in Williamsport for “Balloonfest, Airshow & So Much More.” Mike toured the facility, signed autographs and gave an inspirational team talk.   

On his relationship with Lycoming, which began in 1998, Mike told employees how Lycoming supported him before the World Championship while he was struggling to make payments on his plane. He talked about how Lycoming's support changed the path of his career, “so when I have Lycoming on my plane, or on my shirt, or on the website, it means a heck of a lot more than just a sticker on an airplane.” 

Mike commended the work Lycoming employees do daily. “You’ve created the opportunity for people to live out their dreams in the sky,” Mike said. 

Mike Goulian presented Shannon Massey, Lycoming Senior Vice President and General Manager, with an autographed model plane. 
Mike toured the facility and visited the Advanced Technology Center, where the aerobatic Thunderbuilt engines and his engine are built.
Mike signed autographs before giving an inspirational team talk.