Service Bulletin No. 565

Diaphragm-Type Fuel Pump Inspection/Replacement


DATE: February 21, 2005


New, rebuilt and overhauled engines shipped from Lycoming between October 1, 2001 and February 2, 2004 with fuel pump P/N LW-15473. Engine models affected are IO-320, -360, -540; AIO-320, -360; AEIO-320, -360, - 540; HIO-360; TO-360-C1A6D, -F1A6D and O-540-L3C5D. Fuel pumps replaced in the field with a genuine Lycoming fuel pump after October 1, 2001 and up to the date of issuance of this Service Bulletin.


Next 25 hours or next oil change whichever occurs first, or earlier at owner’s discretion.

Lycoming has received two reports that indicate a number of diaphragm-type fuel pumps, Lycoming P/N LW-15473, may not have been manufactured in conformance with specifications. This can result in restricted and/or loss of fuel flow.

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