Service Bulletin No. 556

Replacement of Washer P/N LW-11201


DATE: January 29, 2003


See Table 1 in attached bulletin.

NOTE: Service Bulletin No. 556 affects any engine that has had P/N LW-11201 washers field replaced with P/N LW-11201 washers shipped 2/1/99 through 6/25/02 as spares, regardless of whether or not the engine serial number is listed in Table 1.

NOTE: All P/N LW-11201 washers shipped from Lycoming as spares between 2/1/99 and 6/25/02 must be removed from stock and returned to Lycoming. If a safe shipping date (before 2/1/99 or after 6/25/02) cannot be confirmed, washers must be removed from stock and returned to Lycoming.


Within 50 hours or the next maintenance event, whichever occurs first.

It has been determined that rubber washers P/N LW-11201 received at Lycoming between 2/1/99 and 6/25/02 may not have met required material specifications. The washers (2 each) are used where the differential pressure controller attaches to the air inlet housing.

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